Indian cattle being smuggled, using barbaric techniques

Ariful Islam, Kurigram
Published : 07:30, Feb 03, 2020 | Updated : 07:30, Feb 03, 2020

Smugglers are adopting new techniques to bring cows across the border from India. Since there are problems over land, they are now using the river route. The Brahmaputra in Kurigram is being used for this as cattle are floated to cross over, resulting in the deaths of many animals.
Reportedly, the local administration is inactive. Using the winter and the fog as cover, the smugglers are putting 8 to 10 cows on flimsy rafts made of banana trees and hay.
This strategy is being used because Indian border force, BSF, does not fire at cows.
Several upazilas in Kurigram, Narayanpur, Jatrapur, Alga borders are being used to bring in cows illegally.
A few cows are tied together with the rafts and floated on water. Their legs are tied to prevent them from going away and then the heads are covered with hyacinth to deceive border guards.
This barbaric way of bringing cows, results in deaths and the animal carcasses decompose in the water and vitiate the environment.
Talking on the matter, Lt Col Mohamamd Jamal Hossain of BGB 22ND battalion says: “Since smugglers are adopting a wide variety of techniques, cattle are dying; we are on high alert to prevent such activity.”