No progress in human trafficking cases in Cox’s Bazar

Abdul Aziz, Cox's Bazar
Published : 07:30, Dec 05, 2019 | Updated : 07:30, Dec 05, 2019

Rohingya Muslim people as seen inside a room at Kuala Idi Rayeuk port after arriving on a wooden boat in Aceh Timur, Indonesia, Dec 4, 2018. Antara Foto/Syifa Yulinnas via REUTERS/File PhotoMost of the human trafficking cases lodged at the special court in Cox’s Bazar are stagnant. Lack of witnesses, a crisis of judges and other legal issues have left the cases in a morass. As per Cox’s Bazar district police, 422 cases under human trafficking law were lodged between 2012 and 2018 with 2,089 persons accused.

So far, 750 persons have been arrested and 3,223 women, men and children were rescued while they were being trafficked. As per police records, charge sheets have been given in all cases leaving 33.

From Jan 1 till November of the running year, 617 were rescued while they were about to be trafficked to Malaysia.

During this time, 17 brokers were arrested and cases lodged, which are under investigation at the moment.

Due to a hike in human trafficking, a special tribunal was formed in Cox’s Bazar in 2012 but in the last 7 years, no case has been brought to a conclusion.

Securing bail, the traffickers resumed their unscrupulous operations.

They are allegedly running a lucrative trade near the coastal areas.

The public prosecutor in charge of the tribunal for the prevention of repression against women and children in Cox’s Bazar, Nurul Islam, says: “The cases of human trafficking are stuck and there’s no progress.”

The victims, defendants, plaintiffs are from different areas, and bringing them to the court on a given date is tough. The lethargy of the police in investigating the cases is also a factor, observed Nurul Islam.

Additional superintendent of police of Cox’s Bazar said: “Cox’s Bazar police have declared zero tolerance towards drugs and human trafficking. The police are active in preventing trafficking of Rohingyas, the yaba trade and other crimes.