Rickshaw-puller returns Tk 2m left by a passenger

Bogura Correspondent
Published : 21:21, Nov 15, 2019 | Updated : 21:25, Nov 15, 2019

In a rare display of honesty, a rickshaw-puller has successfully returned Tk 2 million to its rightful owner after the passenger had left it behind in his rickshaw in Bogra town on Friday.
The earnest man identified as Lal Miah, 55, is a rickshaw-puller in the city, who earns his living by the sweat of his brow to take care of his two young sons.
The owner of the bag, Rajib Prashad, 35, a fertilizer trader, had his money returned to him by Bogra Superintendent of Police Md Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan.
Rajib said, when he took a rickshaw from Jaleshwaritala to Sathmatha area to catch a Rajshahi-bound bus at 7am, he had mistakenly left behind a bag containing Tk 2 million in the rickshaw.
Later, when he noticed that one out three of his bags was missing, he went back to Sathmatha and informed the Sadar police.
Sadar police SI Jahurul Islam said, "We managed to identify the rickshaw-puller from the CCTV surveillance footages and located him at Khandar area."
Meanwhile, Lal Miah took the bag home for safekeeping and went out in search for its owner. When police found him at Khandar area, he took them to his house and returned the bag.
Rajib, delighted to have his property returned to him without hassle, gave Sadar police OC SM Bodiuzzaman Tk 50,000, for a brand new rickshaw and mobile phone to be gifted to Lal Miah.
OC Bodiuzzaman said, "On Sunday, police will present Lal Miah with a new rickshaw and a mobile phone, as per Rajib’s wishes."
Lal Miah, pleased and relieved to return the bag of money, said, “I pulled rickshaw for mahajans and now a rickshaw of my own will be blessing to me and my family.”