Farmers being instigated to crop burning: Minister

Sirajganj Correspondent
Published : 14:13, May 15, 2019 | Updated : 14:14, May 15, 2019

Food Minister Shadhon Chandra Majumder speaking to the media on Wednesday (May 15) while attending a program at SirajganjThe farmers are being provoked to set their paddy fields on fire in order to harass the government, said Food Minister Shadhon Chandra Majumder.
“A dedicated group is dragging the media there on purpose and publicising the incidents to serve their agendas,” he said on Wednesday (May 15) while attending a program at Sirajganj.
He added that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is farmer-friendly and these conspiracies will never succeed.
His remarks came following a few media reports where the farmers set their paddy fields ablaze due to the fall in prices.
Saying that paddy will only be procured from genuine farmers and not millers or contractors, the minister added that the party members will help the farmers in every way.
He then directed the district administration and police force to take stern measured if the local food division purchases paddy from anyone other than farmers.