Barguna doctor 'beats up' patient, son (Video)

Barguna Correspondent
Published : 10:37, May 15, 2019 | Updated : 10:46, May 15, 2019

Accused Resident Medical Officer Dr Anwar UllahA doctor has been accused of beating a patient and her son in Pathorghata Upazila Health Complex, Barguna.

The incident took place at around 11am on Monday (May 13).

A video of the incident has already gone viral on social media, where it shows the accused, Resident Medical Officer Dr Anwar Ullah, beating a youth indiscriminately.

Dulia Begum, the patient whose son was beaten up in the video had been admitted to the hospital on Friday with a injury sustained from a family dispute.

After Dulia’s condition deteriorated on Monday, another patient at the hospital informed her son, Zilani, on the phone. He rushed to the hospital.

“After reaching the hospital, I saw my mother lying on the floor unconscious,” Zilani told Bangla Tribune. “When I went to Dr Anwar and asked him about it, he told me to get out of his room. As I did not leave and demanded a proper explanation for it, he started cursing and beating me indiscriminately in front of everyone.” At the time, Dulia was allegedly assaulted by the doctor as well.

When contacted, Anwar told Bangla Tribune that Zilani had attacked him first, and he only defended himself.

“I asked the youth about taking a video interview of his mother about the matter, and all of a sudden he attacked me. I just defended myself,” he said. 

Barguna Civil Surgeon Dr Humayun Shahin Khan said, he was not aware of the incident. 

“If such an incident took place, then it is very unfortunate. I will inquire about it.”

Commenting on the issue, Pathorghata Upazila Citizens’ Rights Forum President Shafikul Islam Khokon said, “It is a constitutional right for a citizen to get health treatment. Even if the youth misbehaved with the doctor, he [Dr Anwar] should have ignored it.