Operations resume at Barapukuria Power Plant

Dinajpur Correspondent
Published : 11:10, Sep 14, 2018 | Updated : 11:33, Sep 14, 2018

Barapukuria Coal Power PlantThe Barapukuria Power Plant has resumed operations after almost three months.
On Sept 7, Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Limited (BCMCL) started the coal extraction and Barapukuria Thermal Power Plant (BTPP) has started the production at 2.27am of Friday.
Confirming the matter, BTPP chief engineer Abdul Hakim Sarkar said, “It has already added 157 MW of power to the national grid.”
On Jul 22, power production at the plant was halted after the mine ran out of coal deposits a week earlier.
On Jul 19, it was found that around 145,000 tonnes of coal from the mine’s yard was missing.
Several officials were suspended following the incident as the government has opened an inquiry into it while the Anti-Corruption Commission is conducting a separate probe.

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