Storm of student protest subsides, fears of conspiracy remain

Emran Hossain Shaikh
Published : 07:45, Aug 10, 2018 | Updated : 07:45, Aug 10, 2018

Storm of student protest subsides, fears of conspiracy remainAfter eight days of convulsions over safe roads, the capital is now back to normal. However, the government is still concerned because it feels there may be another conspiracy ahead. Ruling party leaders feel there may be some nefarious plans, in view of the next elections.
Awami League (AL) leaders allege that when elections near, local and foreign forces unite to create instability.
Recently, the quota movement and the safe road campaign were aimed at destabilizing the government.
Ruling party leaders also feel that there is a malicious campaign to spread concocted news via social media platforms.
They blame, the BNP, Jamaat-e-Islami and the architects of 1/11.
“Colluding with the masterminds of 1/11, certain quarters are trying to muddy the waters; they want to turn this into a dysfunctional country,” said General Secretary Obaidul Quader.
He also accused the BNP of exploding bombs during Rajshahi City Corporation elections and trying to put the blame on AL.
The senior leader asked party members to be cautious about conspiracies.
He called on the law enforcers to be alert at all times to prevent any outbreak of public anger, triggered by fabricated news, similar to the ones which resulted in clashes during students’ protest for safe roads.
Safe road campaign FILE PHOTOMP Faruk Khan said, “We have dealt with sick politics during the arson based movement in 2015 and Hefazat’s siege Dhaka attempt in 2014, so we will tackle such wicked designs in the future.” Joint
General Secretary Abdur Rahman, told Bangla Tribune: “During elections, there will be shenanigans and, sometimes, the so called civil society tries to derail the elections.”
“But we are ready to thwart all possible evil plots” was his resolute comment.
“Social media is being used to disseminate fabricated news and create confusion among people; we have to be aware about the abuse of social media platforms,” warned Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan.