Cumilla University being divided in the name of expansion?

Masud Alam, Cumilla
Published : 03:00, Oct 27, 2018 | Updated : 20:07, Oct 28, 2018

A smoke-screen has been created over the acquisition of 200.22 acres of land for the Cumilla University. The land seems to be more than two km from the current campus.
While the university authority is terming it campus expansion, the current students want an undivided campus.
There is already a student-run activism on Facebook over the issue because there is a growing feeling that the university is being divided.
A former student of the Bangla department of the university says, “We don’t understand why the university cannot be expanded by taking the empty land by the current campus.”
Student of the English department, Nasir Uddin, says, “In the name of development, we don’t want any campus or branch.
On 23 October last, ECNEC passed Tk. 16.55 billion for further development of the university and to implement the project, 200.22 acres will be acquired.
Registrar of the university, Dr. Md. Abu Taher, said, “We have made the expansion plan by keeping all aspects in mind and land has been selected at the right spot.”
The campus won’t be transferred, it will be expanded, he assured. However, the registrar was cagey when asked about the exact expansion location.
VC of the university, Dr. Emran Kabir Chowdhury, said, “Expansion will be done by keeping the current campus; the question of removing the campus does not arise.”