Delay in announcing Chhatra Dal committees

Sirajul Islam Rubel
Published : 02:00, Oct 17, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Oct 17, 2019

The elected president and general secretary of Chhatra Dal had said that after taking over, they would soon declare a full central committee and a Dhaka University committee.
On Sept 25 last, Chhatra Dal general secretary Iqbal Hossain Shyamol, said: “We will declare our committees within the next ten days'. But even after three weeks, there has been no announcement.
Some party members say that the president and general secretary failed to keep their word to the media. Chhatra Dal general secretary Iqbal Hossain Shyamol has reiterated that the Dhaka University committee will be declared soon.
The delay occurred because of some complexities over posts for married persons. While two leading figures of the Chhatra Dal have no problems working with married people, the party high command is lukewarm on the matter.
Reportedly, Chhatra Dal president and general secretary are trying to convince the high command on the issue. During elections, there were two conditions: married persons could not be candidates and persons winning less than 10 percent of votes would lose their deposit.
Those losing their deposits would also lose their Chhara Dal membership.
Of 29 persons in the fray, only four retained their deposit.
Shyamol says: “The matter of married personS is not mentioned in the organogram; we will feel bad if we leave out those who had been with the party during its highs and lows.”