OC’s cloned number used to swindle councillor aspirants

Amanur Rahman Roney
Published : 06:00, Jan 28, 2020 | Updated : 06:00, Jan 28, 2020

Representational image Councillor candidate for the upcoming city corporation election, Yasin Molla, received a call from the number of the OC of Adabor police station and a proposal made to help him win the election in exchange for Tk 1.5 million.
The matter was resolved with the promise that Tk 500,000 will be paid before the polls and the rest to be paid later. After getting the proposal, Yasin paid the advance through mobile banking and when another Tk 300,000 was asked, he became suspicious. He understood that he has been defrauded. He later went to the police and lodged a case. The same happened in the case of another Councillor candidate, Abul Kashem Molla. The fraudsters took away Tk 700,000 from him.
Police feel that such a fraud was committed by cloning the number of the OC. Both the deceived, Yasin Molla and Abul Kashem, are contesting from the same ward with the former competing with the symbol of top while the latter with tiffin carrier.
Adabor police OC Kazi Sahiduzzaman said: “The fraudsters took Tk 1.2 million from both candidates and this may have been done by cloning my number. We are investigating the matter and will soon nab the fraudsters.”