MPs' call for "crossfire" evokes concerns from rights bodies

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 20:45, Jan 15, 2020 | Updated : 22:39, Jan 15, 2020

Representational image. Photo/India.comRights bodies have expressed concerns over ruling and the opposition lawmakers demanding "crossfire for rapists".
In a media statement on Wednesday (Jan 15), Transparency International Bangladesh called for immediate expunge of the remarks from the parliament's minutes of business.
The MP's remarks clearly contradict to the constitutional rule of law, human rights and justice, a statement quoted its Executive director Iftekharuzzaman.
It said the lawmakers' remarks on backing 'crossfire' to tackle crimes proves the allegation of extra-judicial killings, a criticism Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies have been facing for long.
Lawmakers' support to extra-judicial killing is alarming for democracy as well as hamper ensuring accountability and good governance, Iftekharuzzaman said.
According to him, the call from the lawmakers made the remarks "out of emotion" and it would stoke a 'trigger-happy' culture.
Expressing concern over growing incidents of rape across Bangladesh, Iftekharuzzaman demanded the exemplary punishment for perpetrators in line with the laws.
In a separate statement, Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) protested the lawmakers' demand and described it as 'unfortunate'.
"Getting a fair trial is a constitutional right of a citizen. The Constitution ensures that no one can be convicted without a trial," the statement quoted ASK Executive Director Sheepa Hafiz.
The lawmakers' demand is an acknowledgement to the law enforcement agencies using extra-judicial killing to immediately tackle crimes, said the ASK chief demanding the MPs' speeches to be expunged from the House's minutes.
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