Manirampur UNO apologizes over humiliation of senior citizens

Jashore Correspondent
Published : 21:45, Mar 28, 2020 | Updated : 21:46, Mar 28, 2020

Executive Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Sayeema Hasan captures a photo of the punishment given to two elderly men on Friday , March 27, 2020. CollectedManirampur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md Ahsan Ullah Sharifi apologized to three of the elderly people who were humiliated by a mobile court on Friday (Mar 27).

He went to their homes and gave them rice, pulses, potatoes, oil, salt and soap so they do not have to worry about food in the crisis period.

He also promised to build them houses according to the prime minister’s Mujib Year initiative.

Manirampur police OC Rafiqul Islam said: “UNO Ahsan Ullah Sharifi went to the homes of the elderly who were humiliated at Chinetola bazar. I and other local high officials like Shyamkur union parishad Chairman Moniruzzaman Moni were also present there.”

UNO Ahsan Ullah Sharifi said: “I saw smiles on their faces when I apologized to them holding their hands. All of them are our fathers’ age. They have forgiven us.”

“I have given them some food and soap so that they do not have to go out and can maintain social distancing during this lockdown. I will take necessary steps so they are given priority while allocating houses,” he added.

Previously on Friday, while campaigning to raise awareness Sayeema Hasan, assistant commissioner (Land), asked a few elderly men including a van driver and a vegetable vendor, to hold their ears in public as punishment for not wearing masks at Chinatola Bazar of Shyamkur union.

She also took photographs of the incident and her photo capturing moments with the humiliated elderly individuals went viral on social media later, drawing a lot of criticism.

Sayeema Hasan was withdrawn from her post as assistant commissioner Friday and has been attached to the Khulna Divisional Commissioner's office as per the directive of the Ministry of Public Administration.