No step to safeguard language, culture of Garo minorities

Sherpur Correspondent
Published : 07:30, Feb 21, 2020 | Updated : 07:30, Feb 21, 2020

Six ethnic minority communities live in Sherpur and the Garo, Hajong, Hodi, Barman, Koch and Dalu communities have their own language though without any written form, the alphabets are lost.
The languages now face extinction. It’s believed that due to lack of government patronage, the languages are fading away.
Once the people of the minority communities knew their language only but driven by livelihoods instincts they have now come out of their communities to live in Bengali areas while Bengalis have gone to live in their areas. As a result, the Garo have become a minority in their own area.
Now the students from minority communities study in Bengali.
Chairman of Tribal Welfare Association Nobesh Kokshi, said: “To hang on to our mother tongue, we always talk in our own language but it’s difficult to save our language since it’s becoming mixed with Bengali. Unless steps are taken to teach the languages to our children, they will be lost.”
UNO of Jhinaitali, Rubel Mahmud, said: “There is a chance for government patronage to safeguard language and culture of the minority communities and if they apply then steps will be taken to establish a culture academy.”