Wrong questions given during SSC Bangla exam in two districts

Thakurgaon and Nilphamari Correspondents
Published : 20:48, Feb 04, 2020 | Updated : 20:50, Feb 04, 2020

It’s reported that on the first day of SSC in Nilphamari and Thakurgaon, the question paper of 2018 was used in the case of Bangla first paper. In Thakurgaon, the question was changed after twenty minutes and the same happened in Rabeya Balika Bidyaniketan in Nilphamari. Later, a re-examination was held at the centre with an additional two and a half hours.
On Monday (Feb 3), the exam began at the Thakurgaon Government Girls’ High School with questions from 2018. But when students did not come out after the stipulated exam time was over, the guardians became worried. Later the actual incident came out when students told their relatives the real reason for the delay.
Acting headmistress of the school Saleha Khatun, said: “Some questions from 2018 were given by accident and the mistake was rectified soon and the students were given extra time.”
The same thing happened in Nilphamari. The centre had 620 examinees of which only one was giving test as per the syllabus of 2018. For the one person, the centre secretary got 120 questions on Bangla first paper. Reportedly, 98 students said that they were give the wrong questions.
However, in the end, the questions given to the wrong persons were taken back.
District administrator, Hafizur Rahman Chowdhury said: The question for 2020 was given after the elapse of 1 hour 25 minutes; the issue is being investigated.”