Refused land for school, authorities block road with wall

Tauhid Zaman, Jashore
Published : 09:35, Dec 08, 2019 | Updated : 09:37, Dec 08, 2019

Authorities of a school in Jashore have blocked a road after being refused a land belonging to a local freedom fighter.
According to locals, Khajura Higher Secondary Girls School Principal Atiar Rahman propsed that a building belonging to freedom fighter Jahar Ali lashkar be demolished and the land given to the school.
Local traders and Jahar Ali himself have appealed to the district administration to resolbe the conflicts.
Traders said that 19 businesses are there on either side of the road that has been blocked and that being the main road, commute has become difficult.
“I opened the shop after four of five days. People used to come in before but now that the road is blocked, customers have stopped coming in,” said Motaleb Sarder, a tailor.
He added that he is struggling to make ends meet as orders have stopped coming in.
The first floor of Jahar Ali’s building was rented to a private organisation but they have left due to the wall.
“We had to leave the place. People always come in, the employees have motorcycles. But due to the wall, they can no longer come in,” said Shukur Ali, an accountant of that organisation.
Jahar Ali said that eight of stores and a floor of the building was rented and he had already appealed to the deputy commissioner, Assistant Commissioner (land), UNO and local union parishad chairman to resolve the issue. “AC (land) asked for the papers which I submitted.”
Principal Rahman said that the land originally belongs to the school and the road was blocked as people in the shops tease the school girls.
“In order to expand the school we offered Jahar Ali Tk 5 million in exchange for the land,” he said before adding that the AC (land) has been given papers that proof that the road and the land is school property.
Bandabila Union Chairman Sabdul Hossain Khan said that if the government surveyor measurement finds the road to be school property, the building will be demolished.
Saying that she has received counter complaints from both parties, UNO Taniya Afroze added that the AC land will probe the matter and submit the report in a couple of days.
AC Abu Sufian said that both parties will be called in next week and after the surveyors completes measurements, steps will be taken accordingly.