Nilphamari farmers tilt towards turmeric for profit

Taieyb Ali Sarker, Nilphamari
Published : 04:00, Nov 11, 2019 | Updated : 14:57, Nov 16, 2019

Farmers are making more profit from turmeric cultivation than paddy which has seen a rise in turmeric production in Nilphamari.
A farmer says: “around 40-45 mounds of turmeric grow on one bigha of land and each mound sells for Tk. 600-700 and if one sells 45 mounds then the income is Tk. 31,500. On the same piece of land, paddy production is usually between 8-10 mounds and for that, the income is around Tk. 3500. As a result, farmers are tilting towards turmeric production.”
Farmers say that that by spending Tk. 10 thousand on a land, turmeric worth Tk. 60 to Tk. 65 thousand can be sold in a year. The turmeric is also of high quality and meeting the local demand is sent to different parts of the country.
Deputy Director of Nilphamari Agriculture Extension Bureau Abul Kashem Azad, said: “this year turmeric was grown on a total of 131 hectares of land and since there has not been any insects, the farmers can take the harvest without using any pesticides.”
There has been a bumper production due to favourable weather conditions, he added.