Tk 2.5m per year from recycled banana plant coffins

Tyeb Ali Sarker, Nilphamari
Published : 06:00, Oct 27, 2019 | Updated : 06:00, Oct 27, 2019

Oasis Transformations generates Tk 2.5 million per year along with creating job sectors for the locals in Nilphamari by producing of coffins made from abandoned banana plants and hyacinths.
The organisiation started its journey as a coffin producing factory in 2009 at the Nilphamari Uttara EPZ with 150 workers. In order to collect raw materials, they set up a branch named Eco Supplies 10 kilometres from the district sadar in Laxmichap union.
As many as 46 workers, who get paid Tk 250 per day, go out into the nearby wilderness everyday to collect the raw materials and process them.
The processed materials are then turned into bamboo slips, sliders etc and the coffins are exported to foreign countries such as England, Netherlands and the United States.
Eco Supplies Office In-charge Delowar Hossain said that they only have to purchase bamboo and collecting the raw materials don’t require a lot of funds.
EPZ Oasis Transformation Limited Supply Chain Commercial Manager Elen Faith Fulel said that they generate Tk 2.5 million from the project every year.
“We are working with the goals to create jobs, maintain ecological balance, preserving the natural beauty and generate foreign income,” she said.
A worker, 47-year-old Sudhir Chandra says that he doesn’t have to worry about money anymore now that he has started working at the factory.
“I take my wages every evening and go home which has been really good for us,” he said. Another worker 60-year-old Sunil Chandra Hajera echoed.
Saying that they have to do all various kinds of work, Anita Rani, another worker said, “We are doing very well. My children are studying. Our families have improved a lot since we started working at the factory.”
Laxmichap Union Chairman Aminur Rahman said that the people used to live in poverty until some NGOs and the coffin factory went there.
“Many people now have job opportunities. The neglected women are self-dependent now,” he said.
Oasis Transformation Limited General Manager Evance Hawlader said that this a risk-free business that requires little investment.