Rangpur by-polls candidates get symbols

Rangpur Correspondent
Published : 17:01, Sep 17, 2019 | Updated : 17:15, Sep 17, 2019

Hossain Moqbul Shahriar Asif with the Returning Officer GM Shahtab Uddin.Symbols have been allocated for the Rangpur-3 by-election. Returning Officer and Regional Election Officer GM Shahatab Uddin, officially handed out the symbols on Tuesday (Sept 17).

BNP candidate Rita Rahman took her symbol of a sheaf of paddy followed by Kazi Md Shahidullah of Gono Front whose symbol is fish, Touhidur Rahman of Khilafat Majlish got wall clock, and Shafiul Alam of NNP received mango as a symbol.

HM Ershad’s nephew Hossain Moqbul Shahriar Asif who is a renegade candidate got motorcar as his symbol. While all candidates were present, Rahgir Al Mahi alias Saad Ershad of Jatiya Party was not present though he was given the JP symbol, plough.

BNP candidate Rita Rahman, said: “I am sceptical of fair and free elections because, in the EVM system, the result can be overturned. However, since this election will not change the government, we can hope for a free, fair election.”

Ershad’s nephew, Hossain Moqbul Shahriar Asif, an independent candidate, said: “Saad Ershad is an outsider; people in Rangpur do not know him and therefore, will reject him.”

I belong to Ershad’s family and have support from the general people so am hopeful of a victory, he commented.

The returning officer has underlined the need to adhere to electoral code and warned of strict measures if they are breached. The by-election for Rangpur-3 will be held on Oct 5 next.