Fake doctor arrested in Laksham for raping employee

Cumilla Correspondent
Published : 13:02, Jul 11, 2019 | Updated : 13:05, Jul 11, 2019

Mir HossainRapid Action Battalion has arrested a fake doctor in Laksham, Cumilla, on charges of rape.
Mir Hossain was arrested on Wednesday (Jul 10) after a drive at his clinic where libido enhancing tablets plus other narcotics were discovered.
Mir Hossain is the owner of Digital Health Care.
RAB sources say that a woman who had been working as a health assistant at the Digital Health Care was sexually harassed by the owner Dr. Mir Hossain. The woman claims that at one point she was raped by Mir.
Mir threatened her with termination if the she told anyone.
“Every time after raping me, he sued to administer a pain killing injection,” said the victim.
“But as the torture grew, I submitted a written complain to RAB,” she added.
Law enforcers have said that Mir is a charlatan and mobile court had earlier shut down his chamber several times.
Company commander of RAB-11 in Cumilla, Pranab Kumar, said: “After the complaint, we carried out a raid at the Digital Health Care and confiscated a variety of narcotics, sex enhancing tablets and condoms.”
Pranab Kumar adds: “Mir has raped many women by entrapping them with the promise of employment.”
Another woman working at his clinic has been brought for questioning, he added.