Ahmadiyya community attacked in Panchagarh

Panchagarh Correspondent
Published : 14:40, Feb 13, 2019 | Updated : 17:02, Feb 13, 2019

Shops and houses of the Ahmadiya community were set on fire by several Muslim organizations protesting their annual 'Jalsha.'The Ahmadiyya community in Panchagarh came under attack by followers of several religious organizations. Their houses and shops were set on fire and 50 people were injured including the police.
The incident was reported on Tuesday (Feb 12) night and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been deployed at Panchagarh city and Ahmednagar to bring the situation under control.
Several religious organizations including Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Shongrokkhon Parishad took to the streets of Ahmednagar demanding to put a stop to ‘Jalsha,’ an annual convention planned by the minority Ahmadiyyas.
The police tried to stop the protesters but were attacked. They, in turn, fired rubber bullets and tear shells to calm the situation.
In between the one and half hour clash with the police, a group of protesters descended on the shops and houses of the Ahmadiyya community and vandalized them and set them on fire.
Ahmednagar Muslim Jamaat President Taher Jugol claimed that around 40 of their people were injured and many women were harassed.
Panchagarh Sadar Hospital Medical Officer Dr Pradip Kumar Banik said that 21 people were undergoing treatment and one amongst them is in critical condition.
Superintendent of Panchagarh police station said, “An isolated Muslim group led the attack.”
He added that a probe has been opened and that legal actions will be taken against the attackers.