Import-export operations at Hili halted for eight days

Hili Correspondent
Published : 14:05, Oct 13, 2018 | Updated : 14:08, Oct 13, 2018

All import-export activities at the Hili land port in Dinajpur will remain closed for the next eight days, starting Saturday (Oct 13), on the eve of Durga Puja.
Regular trading operations will remain closed till Saturday (Oct 21), Abdur Rahman Liton, General Secretary of Bangla Hili Customs C&F Associations told Bangla Tribune.
“Durga Puja will start from October 15. Since there are idols and celebrations on different parts of the roads on India’s side, the trucks have difficulty in entering the port,” he added.
On Sept 26, a letter was issued by Shubrata Saha, General Secretary of Hili Exporters and Customs Clearing Agent Associations in India stating that keep the import-export operations halted for the aforementioned days.
However, importers will be able to get their goods cleared from the port and travellers with passports can still travel between the countries through the port during these days.
“Regular operations of the port will continue during these days with the exception of government holidays,” Sohrab Hossain, the port’s Public Relations Officer told Bangla Tribune.
The import-export activities will resume from Sunday (Oct 22).