Cox’s Bazar under CCTV coverage

Cox’s Bazar Correspondent
Published : 18:54, Sep 15, 2018 | Updated : 19:00, Sep 15, 2018

Around the clock surveillance team will be monitoring Cox`s BazarCox’s Bazar district police have installed 67 surveillance cameras at 40 locations in the beachtown in an effort to boost security measures for the inhabitants and tourists.

A round the clock surveillance team will be monitoring the areas, including the beaches, the hotel-motel zone and the shopping centres in the town.

Police introduced the security cameras in response to the rising number of foreign aid workers in the wake of the Rohingya crisis.

According to the police, it will also help them to safeguard the thousands of tourists who pour into the town all year round to visit the longest beach in the world.

Inauguration ceremony of the security camerasThe inauguration ceremony for the cameras took place on Staurday (Sept 15) where the Cox’s Bazar mayor was present along with other distinguished guests.