7-year-old child drowns in Madhumati River

Gopalganj Correspondent
Published : 14:53, Sep 14, 2018 | Updated : 14:56, Sep 14, 2018

GopalganjLocals have recovered the dead body of a 7-year-old child from Madhumati River in Gopalganj’s Ulpur union on Friday (Sept 14) at 7am.

Family members identified him as Nishan Boiragi, the son of Goutam Boiragi.

According to locals, few kids went down to the river to take a bath on Thursday afternoon when Nishan Boiragi, 7 and Prashanth Boiragi, 7 went missing.

They recovered Prashanth alive from the river that very day but Nishan was nowhere to be found.

His body was found floating on the river the next morning.