Power in off grid areas by December

Shanchita Shitu
Published : 08:30, Mar 04, 2020 | Updated : 08:30, Mar 04, 2020

Representative ImageThe government plan states that by next December, all off grid areas will be brought under power supply and for this, four distribution companies were give orders to supply power. They are Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board, Northern Electric Supply Company (NESCO) and West Zone Power Distribution Company.

DG of Power Cell, Mohammad Hossain, said: “We have ensured 100 percent power in 96 percent areas, which leaves four percent. But this falls within off grid areas and to reach power to remote areas we have undertaken a plan.”

The off grid areas include 26 upazilas of the hill tracts, including Sandwip, Hatia, Kutubdia, Ashuganj and other char areas.

The most off grid areas are under Rural Electrification Board (REB).

They have taken the initiative to illuminate 59 villages.

The first phase of REB has 646 villages and in this stage remote areas have been chosen and power will be supplied with submarine cables.

The second phase will feature 384 villages and villages in inaccessible areas have been chosen. In these areas, power will be supplied with submarine cables.

In the third phase, power will be taken to 29 villages and for 5,000 subscribers, plans were taken to set up solar home systems or solar mini grids.

Meanwhile, by December power connection at char areas will end. Plan has been taken to reach power through IPP power plants at Hatia, Kutubdia.