Automated clearing house open from Monday: BB

Published : 13:20, Mar 30, 2020 | Updated : 13:20, Mar 30, 2020

Bangladesh BankBangladesh Bank (BB) has taken a decision to keep open the Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH) in limited scale from Monday during the ongoing general holidays.

“The presentment cut off time for high value clearing is 11am while the return cut off time is 12 noon. For the regular value clearing, the presentment cut off time is 11.30am while the return cut off time is 12.30pm,” according to a BB circular issued on Sunday (Mar 29).

The central bank has taken the decision to complete the inter-bank transactions for ensuring various emergency services, including smooth supply of essential commodities, emergency medicine and other services, for the people.

Banking activities are running in limited scale in the week to facilitate the financial transaction for their clients as the government has declared general holidays from Mar 29 to Apr 2.

During the week, banks are remaining open from 10am to 1:30pm while the transaction is being made between 10am to 12 noon.