Govt not worried about rice price hike

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 06:00, Jan 29, 2020 | Updated : 06:00, Jan 29, 2020

A general view of a rice shop at a Dhaka market. MEHEDI HASAN/File PhotoIn recent times, the price of all kinds of rice has seen a rise in the market though the government says the price hike has been in the retail market. The government is not worried because only the price of fine rice has risen.
After visiting several markets in the city, it has come to light that in the last one month, price has risen by Tk 7 per kg. Traders say that price was increased by mill owners and so, retail traders are having to pay more to buy rice.
Fine rice miniket was selling for Tk 45 per kg which is now Tk 52-53 per kg. As per Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) in the last one month, price of rice has increased by five percent.
As a result, one kg of rice is currently selling for Tk 50-60. While coarse rice is selling for Tk 33-35.
Wholesale traders say that the price will fall within the next 2-3 months.
Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder says: “The price of rice did not increase; only the fine variety saw a little hike but this is not creating any problem for low income people because the price of coarse rice is stable.”
Secretary of wholesale rice association in Babubazar-Badamtoli, Nizamuddin, adds: “In retail and wholesale market, there has been a slight rise but only in the fine variety which is not creating any problem.”
Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi added: “There is not chance for making excess profit. If there are any aberrations then officials will take necessary measures.”
Monitoring team of the commerce ministry, Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection and TCB are keeping a close eye on the market, he added.