‘Gaming’ contest to kick off Tuesday

Mahbubur Rahman
Published : 14:26, Jul 02, 2018 | Updated : 14:26, Jul 02, 2018

Speakers are addressing at the press conference.Five-day long ‘Gigabyte Gaming Fest’ to be kicked off at the BCS Computer City in capital’s Agargaon on Tuesday.
Smart Technologies, country’s one of the largest ICT distribution company, is organising the event.
Smart Technologies director Zafar Ahmed, We are organising the event in a bigger way to encourage the gamers here and Gigabyte always promotes the gamers.
Country director of Gigabyte Khaza Md Anas Khan said that a total of 500 aspirants have registered to compete in five different events.
The winners will get Tk 0.3 million for contesting in CS GO, Code 4, Rainbow 6, FIFA 18 and NFS MW games, he added.
In addition, the audiences will not also return home with bare hands as the authority has arranged gifts for them in a quiz event.
Special discounts are also to be given on purchasing products in the event.
The completion will continue from 10am to 8pm everyday and wrap up on Jul 7.