Facebook says shared user data with 52 tech firms

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Published : 19:46, Jul 01, 2018 | Updated : 19:50, Jul 01, 2018

Figurines are seen in front of the Facebook logo in this illustration taken March 20, 2018. (Photo Reuters)Facebook entered into data-sharing deals with 52 technology companies, including Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo and Oppo, Engadget reported on Saturday.
The social networking giant has responded to a House Energy & Commerce Committee request for data with a 747-page response detailing the social network's data-sharing deals with other companies.
Facebook said it had already ended partnerships with 38 of them with seven more due to expire in July and one more in October this year, Engadget reported on Saturday.
However, Facebook said that three partnerships - involving Apple, Amazon and Tobii, an accessibility app that enables people with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) to access Facebook - are due to continue beyond October this year.
It also acknowledged that it gave 61 third-party app developers as much as six months of extra time to wind down their data collection practices after implementing tougher sharing controls in 2014, including Hinge and Spotify.
Another five developers might have had access to "limited friends' data" through a beta test, but it didn't explain what that involved.
The document comes roughly two weeks after Facebook gave Congress a 452-page set of answers to questions Mark Zuckerberg didn't immediately answer during his testimony. It still doesn't explain everything, though.
The Washington Post noted that Facebook didn't explain why it didn't audit apps like the "thisismydigital life" app from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, or whether or not it had considered charging a fee instead of displaying ads.