Intelligent traffic system to be introduced: South Mayor Khokon

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 20:28, Aug 12, 2018 | Updated : 20:33, Aug 12, 2018

Mayor Sayeed Khokon said Intelligent Traffic System will be introduced in the CapitalIn an effort to streamline the capital’s traffic condition, authorities are planning to introduce an intelligent system, says Dhaka South City Mayor Sayeed Khokon.
The Intelligent Traffic System project, funded by JICA, will start-off as a pilot, he said on Sunday.
“Four intersections will be built at Gulistan (Fulbaria), Paltan, Mohakhali and Gulshan under the pilot project. It will centrally monitor number of vehicles on the road using vehicular image detector video cameras. The project will also introduce lane driving as part of the pilot.”
Based on the success of this project, authorities will consider to implement it in the future, he said.
Speaking about other initiatives he said, “We are working on a proposal to form a Technical Unit of 75 personnel in order to strengthen DSCC’s traffic management capabilities.”
Mayor mentioned a number of initiatives already taken like, encouraging people to use foot-over bridge and Zebra Crossing, using sidewalk, driving in lanes, stopping transports only at specified stoppages and avoiding vehicles with no fitness.
He also said, “We will add zebra crossing at 92 important intersections, lane separating marking, 294 pedestrian crossing and 600 traffic signs. Our slogan is— “Our Road, Safer in our hands.”