No more black briefcases for Cabinet members

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 17:54, Jul 10, 2018 | Updated : 22:34, Jul 10, 2018

Ministers in cabinet will carry briefcase made from jute.From now on, ministers in cabinet will carry briefcase made of our golden fibre, jute. A design of the briefcase shown to the PM was approved.
It’s known the change is being brought at the initiative of state minister for textile and jute, Mirza Azam.
With the PM’s permission, he will make a present of 70 briefcases to the cabinet.
BJMC is already at the end of making the cases.
Ministers in cabinet will carry briefcase made from jute.The new briefcase, which will highlight the potential of jute, got an appreciative nod from the finance minister.
Sources say, each case will cost between Tk. 2.5 and Tk. 3 thousand.
One joint secretary of the cabinet division said: “every year, we have to spend a lot of money buying leather cases; this year, the cost will fall and the cases will also be sturdy.”
One BJMC official said: “to ensure the diverse use of jute, sarees, coverlets, blankets, shoes, artificial flowers and bags are being made and exported abroad.”
Briefcase is the latest addition, he enthused.
In 2017-18, the earning from jute was $102 crore 55 lakh, which is 6.56 percent more than the previous fiscal.