Kamlapur sees home-going rush: Roof travelling discouraged

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 00:59, Jun 14, 2018 | Updated : 00:59, Jun 14, 2018

Kamlapur sees home-going rush.As Eid draws near, the rush to go back home becomes intense with home going people taking life threatening risks while travelling to their home districts to celebrate Eid.

On Wednesday, all trains leaving Kamlapur were filled; failing to get seats, some passengers were on the roof of Neel Sagar train.

Kamlapur sees home-going rushLalmonirhat bound ‘Eid Special’ and Khulna-bound ‘Sundarban’ left the platform after a one hour delay.

Station manager, Sitangshu Chakravarty, did not attach too much importance to the two trains going late, saying: “others are on time, one or two can leave a little late.”

Kamlapur sees home-going rush.On Wednesday, 59 trains will leave Kamlapur for different destinations, he added.

“Due to Eid, around 70 to 75 thousand people are going back home every day; we have added extra buggies to the trains.” 

Kamlapur sees home-going rush.Many passengers came to the station early; rail authorities believe that on Thursday and Friday, the number of passengers will see a sharp rise.

Some passengers are so desperate to go back that they are willing to sit on the roof of the trains.

All passengers have been requested to travel safe and refrain from travelling on the roof, assured the station manager.