‘Will ensure a better political atmosphere on campus’

Saddif Ovee
Published : 00:00, Mar 14, 2019 | Updated : 16:52, Mar 14, 2019

Nurul Haque Nur. BANGLA TRIBUNE/Nashirul IslamDhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) vice president-elect Nurul Haque Nur plans to root out the culture of political oppression from the campus should he ends up assuming the VP’s role.

Speaking with to Tribune on Wednesday (Mar 13), Nur said, “Our main focus will be to solve the culture of political oppression which students face in residential halls. We will take effective measures to stop the culture of guestroom and mass-room. Secondly, we will ensure that no outsiders get to stay at the halls.”

He also floated the idea of prioritising students’ financial condition for allotting seats in the halls.

“Since the seat crisis cannot be solved without building more halls, we must give priority to student’s whose families are financially struggling,” he said.

When asked if he will assume the office of the DUCSU vice-president, he replied, “I will prioritise the students’ demand. Students who voted for me, who were by my side all these while, who worked hard and who played roles behind me getting elected — if they want, I will. If they want to wage a movement for DUCSU polls’ re-run, then that’s what will happen.”

Nur further said, “I will decide after considering everyone’s opinion.

Responding to a query on how he will perform in a panel which is dominated by Chhatra League, Nur said, “Yesterday my, Chhatra League rival Shovon congratulated me. He gave his word in front of everyone and told his leaders and activist that they will accept my leadership for the sake of the university.”

Nur said he believes that the ruling party student front will continue to help him in this regard.

“Besides, there are other students unions; we have our vice chancellor as the DUCSU president. I think, there will be no obstacles,” added Nur.

Nur, an English Department student and one of the organisers of quota reform protests, has produced the biggest shock in DUCSU history by winning the top DUCSU post.