Actors behind labour unrest identified; steps to be taken soon

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 13:25, Feb 01, 2019 | Updated : 08:16, Feb 02, 2019

RMG workers vandalise vehicles, clash with police on Saturday (Jan 12). BanglaTribune/Sazzad HossainLaw enforcers have identified several people who have incited unrest, violence and anarchy in the textile sector in the name of a movement aimed at eradicating grade disparity in the wage structure.

Several intelligence agencies are working to take action against them, informs the home ministry.

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said, “The movement was infiltrated by conspirators and they fomented anarchy under the aegis of a particular political party.”

Law enforcers have identified these elements and steps will be taken against them soon, he added.

An additional secretary of the ministry of home, said, “For strategic reasons, the names cannot be disclosed; the government has identified those who unleashed the disorder.”

It’s known that the registration of organisations that provoked the labour unrest will be revoked. In addition, cases have been lodged against some for destroying government property and creating suffering for the general people.

RMG workers vandalise vehicles, clash with police on Saturday (Jan 12).Previously, Tipu Munshi and State Minister for Labour Munnujan Sufian said that those who infiltrated the labour movement are not textile workers.

The ministers also asked the workers to go back to their posts instead of paying heed to divisive rhetoric.

Commerce minister had said that several government intelligence bodies had kept an eye on the matter.

Secretary of the ministry of labour and employment, Afroza Khan, said, the movement was not simply for wages and benefits because factories where workers are paid regularly were also vandalised.”

A nefarious plan is afoot to create strife in the textile sector, added the secretary.

The new salary structure for garment workers was implemented from Dec 1, 2018, but stirring up discontent over the wage structure there was an attempt to create friction, say several relevant sections.

The main aim was to tarnish the image of the new government which was sworn in on Jan 7, 2019.