Growth, development in AL tenure stupendous: Indian observers

Ranjan Basu, Delhi
Published : 02:00, Dec 07, 2018 | Updated : 08:19, Dec 07, 2018

(From left to right) Combination of photos shows Senior fellow of Vivekanda International Foundation Dr Sri Radha Dutt, Dr Arpita Mukherjee, and  Institute for Defence Studies researcher Dr Pushpita Das.Three Indian researchers and political observers have unanimously said that the widespread development during the AL tenure outshines and surpasses any work done during BNP’s rule between 2001 and 2006.
They went as far to say that if growth and economic stability are the yardsticks of development then voters in Bangladesh have no other option than to choose AL.
The Economist, which has censured Sheikh Hasina’s tenure several times in the past, also wrote in November last that under AL, the country has seen unprecedented development with a 7.3 GDP, overtaking that of India and Pakistan.
The Economist also writes that the people are happy with the government and there’s no possibility of a military putsch.
Senior fellow of Vivekanda International Foundation, Dr. Sri Radha Dutt, says, “Bangladesh is experiencing a gargantuan development drive; “during BNP’s rule, there was a crisis in power plus the industry sector was in a morass.”
Now new power deals are being made, Padma Bridge is under construction, transport has improved, the export processing zones are doing brisk business, she enthused.
“In the last one decade, under the AL government, Bangladesh has transformed.”
Dr. Arpita Mukherjee, says, “I see the textile sector from very close and must say Bangladesh garment industry is far better than that in India.”
Bangladesh now sends skilled workers abroad and many top level professionals are also working at high end positions in foreign companies.
Researcher of the Institute for Defence Studies, Dr. Pushpita Das, said, “Under the current government, Bangladesh was elevated from a Least Developed Country, LDC, to a middle income one, which is a commendable achievement.”
Sheikh Hasina’s government has proved that it is moving with the right focus.
While Bangladesh was lagging behind in the development drive which the region experienced post 90s, the country has regained her pace under this government, she added emphatically.
“Sheikh Hasina has addressed political and religious challenges in an innovative way.”
We will see how the people value this country’s forward momentum under AL in the upcoming elections, added the researcher.