Women’s rights, protection featured in manifestos

Udisa Islam
Published : 11:20, Dec 04, 2018 | Updated : 15:07, Dec 04, 2018

Representational image.Political parties are working to formulate the manifesto keeping the 11th national election in view with major contenders busy finalising their drafts. It’s believed that most manifestos will feature women empowerment.
Awami League’s manifesto panel member Dr Selim Mahmud told Bangla Tribune, “Important issues essential to ensure women empowerment will be reflected in the manifesto.”
The electoral pledges of newly-launched coalition Jatiya Oikya Front reportedly ensure direct election instead of reserved seats for women. For this, 20 percent mandatory nomination will be ensured. Promises of day care centres, loan facilities have been made.
Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) manifesto mentions women security, eradication of discrimination and establishment of women’s rights at all levels.
Coordinator of Gono Sanghati Zonaed Saki, told Bangla Tribune, “Emphasis will to enact laws to prevent sexual harassment of women.”
Meanwhile Rokeya Kabir of rights body Nari Pragati Shangha highlighted the need for an anti-discrimination commission plus the need for equal inheritance laws. “We need concrete laws, not superficial ones,” she said.
To ensure women’s rights, opposition party in the next parliament will have to act as a pressure group, she added.
Rights activist Khushi Kabir says the political parties should not only make pledges in their manifestos but also have to detail how they will implement.
“Especially, they need to chalk out specific ways to curb the income disparity between men and women,” said Kabir, the chief executive of rights body, Nijera Kori.