Gram Flour for Shining Skin

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Published : 21:27, Jul 31, 2018 | Updated : 21:28, Jul 31, 2018

besan masksTo attain a glowing skin special care is very much important . We experiment with several ready-made products in the form of creams, lotion, face masks, etc., that are available in the market. But these ready-made products would have its own side effects as compared to the natural ones. So, here we'll introduce a few gram flour(Besan) remedies that can help in brightening the skin and improving the overall glow of the skin.

How Does Gram Flour Work In Skin Brightening?

Gram flour or besan is one of the important and most common kitchen ingredients. Just like a super food ingredient, it also works effectively on the skin. Gram flour helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin and in combating issues like pigmentation, blemishes and evening out the skin tone. It also has a major role in removing suntan and dead skin cells thus helping in brightening and rejuvenating the skin. It can be used in the form of masks to attain a brighter skin.

We can use it by making facial mask like Gram Flour And Yogurt, Gram Flour and Milk, Gram Flour And Tomato Juice, Gram Flour And Lime Juice, Gram Flour, Milk And Turmeric. So don’t be upset with other’s cosmetics, just start to use these natural facial masks.