Tina’s new music video shot in Thailand

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 19:32, May 23, 2019 | Updated : 19:50, May 23, 2019

Contemporary singer Tina’s music video ‘Tumi Kache Thekeo’ has already hit YouTube amidst the excitement of her fans.
The video was made all the more eye-catching with sunny beaches and various scenic location of Thailand.
Launched by Zuti Productions under Laser Vision’s label, the music video of the song is an Eid special for her fans.
The song was written by lyricist Zulfiqer Russell and composed by Ibrar Tipu.
“My first solo album ‘Aaj Ki Brishti Hobe?’ was released in 2014. ‘Tumi Kache Thekeo’ was one of the best songs there,” said Tina, who herself modeled in the video.
“I felt like working on this song after a long break. Hence the video,” she said.
“Most of the song was shot at the Island of Ko Samui in Thailand. It was a different feeling altogether,” Tina gushed.
“I hope that the viewers will be impressed by it.”
Zuti Productions had launched two more cover songs under its banner and ‘Tumi Kache Thekeo’ is the first of its original songs.