Padma current at Paturia slowing ferries: 2 km truck tailback

Motiur Rahman, Manikganj
Published : 15:09, Aug 10, 2018 | Updated : 15:09, Aug 10, 2018

Tailback is seen on the Paturia jetty on the bank of the Padma.Fierce current on the Padma River is impeding crossing of vehicles on the Paturia-Douladia route.
As a result, passengers from 21 districts and transport labourers are facing untold suffering.
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation’s, BIWTA, manager (commerce) Khondokar Md. Tanvir Hossain, said: “due to ferocious force of the river plus the usage of the route by trucks have caused a long tailback.”
Of the 18 ferries, 17 are being used in the Paturia-Dauladia route, but due to fierce current of water, smooth operation is hampered, he added.
Instead of the usual 30-35 minutes, the time taken now is 50 minutes.
At this moment, around 300 goods carrying vehicles are waiting at Paturia ghat.
Ferry sector’s marine division administrator, Abdus Sattar, said: “the force is five nautical miles and the aged ferries are facing problems in this situation.”
Today, Friday, 10 August, a new utility ferry, called Shornolota has entered the fleet.
Meanwhile, Paturia area is filled with trucks with the 2 km line of vehicles reaching Nobogram.