Conspiracies against me to save Rifat’s killers: Minni

Barguna Correspondent
Published : 17:03, Jul 14, 2019 | Updated : 17:05, Jul 14, 2019

The wife of Rifat Sharif, Ayesha Siddiqa Minni addressing a media call on Sunday (Jul 14).The wife of Rifat Sharif, Ayesha Siddiqa Minni has claimed that conspiracies were afloat against her in a bid to save the “real killers”.
“The group styled 007 is very powerful in Barguna. They are pressuring my father-in-law in many ways to influence Rifat’s murder probe,” she said while addressing a media call on Sunday (Jul 14).
Minni’s claim comes a day after Rifat’s father, in a media call on Saturday (Jul 14), demanded her arrest, alleging that she was involved with the killing.
Saying that her father-in-law’s allegations were false and baseless, she said, “My husband was hacked to death in front of my own eyes on Jun 26.”
She added that she couldn’t save her husband from the attackers despite her many attempts and no one came forwards to help.
“I was made the first witness in the case without being charged. But now suddenly allegations are leveled against me to mislead the investigation,” she said.
“Many have questioned my role after seeing the CCTV footage but no one tried to know the truth,” she said.
Minni said that the day of the killing, Rifat went to her college and said that his father was there and wanted to see her.
“When I got out, his father wasn’t there. Rifat requested me to go out with him when Rishan Farazi and Rifat Farazi took hold of him.
“I was taken aback by the whole thing and started walking after them. When I saw them beating him up, I tried to save him but failed,” Minni said.
She expressed gratitude towards the administration and home minister for giving her protection and called on the prime minister to ensure justice.
On Jun 26, Rifat was hacked to death in broad daylight by a group of assailants led by local thug, Nayan Bond who himself was killed in a ‘shootout’ on Jul 2.
The CCTV footage showed his wife Minni trying desperately to save him while the bystanders watched.
Police have arrested 13 people over the brutal killing that sparked nationwide outrage. A total of seven suspects have confessed to their involvements in the murder.