Bachchu was in radicals’ hit list: brushed aside death threat

Tanjil Hassan, Munshiganj
Published : 12:21, Jun 12, 2018 | Updated : 12:23, Jun 12, 2018

Bachchu was shot and killed Monday evening by assailants in east Kakaldi village in Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj.The name of writer-publisher, Shahjahan Bachchu was in radicals’ hit list, said SM Kamal, Munshiganj district president of Bangladesh Communist Party.
He told Bangla Tribune: “during student days, Bachchu was a member of Chhatra union and later joined the Communist Party. In the 2012-14 period, he was the general secretary of the Munshiganj CPB.”
But at present, he was not in any party post.
Bachchu was shot and killed Monday evening by assailants in east Kakaldi village in Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj.
SM Kamal further informed that, of late, Bachchu was staying in his village home.
He further added that on Monday evening, when he was talking to locals at a small medicine shop in the bazaar near his home, assailants came in a motorbike,
“In what seems to be a premeditated killing, they exploded bombs to create panic first and then shot Bachchu from close range and left.”
Requesting anonymity, a local said: “Bachchu was a free thinker and writer; a few days ago, he was told that his name was in a radical’ hit list.”
Reportedly, Bachchu brushed aside the threat.
Mushiganj police super says: “five assailants came, created panic by exploding bombs, shot Bachchu dead and fled.”
Police have placed check posts on the roads but no one has been arrested as yet, he added.
Quoting Bachchcu’s wife, the police said that the writer had received death threat which he informed his wife a week ago.
However, the writer did not request any security from the police.
Shahjahan Bachchu was a regular writer; his book of rhymes: Rong dhong tamasha became much discussed.
In recent times he wrote on Facebook.
To ascertain if the attack on the writer was militant in nature or not, a team from Dhaka Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit has gone to the spot.

A member of the unit said: apparently it seems like a militant attack, but we can’t be certain as yet!