BGB, police alert to prevent entry of cattle fattening tablets from India

Halim Al Raji, Hili
Published : 04:00, Aug 12, 2018 | Updated : 04:00, Aug 12, 2018

Keeping the upcoming Eid ul Azha in mind, the entry of cow fattening tablets into Bangladesh has risen. It’s believed that tablets worth crores are being smuggled into Bangladesh by a syndicate.
These tablets are spread across the country. Hili police and BGB sources say that they confiscated 19 lakh 75 thousand 550 pieces of tablets last July.
The market price of the recovered tablets is Tk. 5 crore 75 lakh 42 thousand. Relevant sources say that every year, prior to Eid, dishonest farm owners become desperate to fatten the cattle to be sold for Eid.
It’s believed that two syndicates are engaged in this: one brings the tablets and the other disseminates them.
Sources say, in India, 100 red Protein tablets cost Tk.220 and 1000 white Dexin tablets are between Tk. 290-300.
It’s reported that a person called Babu, arrested recently, controlled the smuggling of fattening tablets from India to Gaibandha and Bogura.
BGB’s Basudev camp commander, Subedar Joinuddin, told Bangla Tribune: “we are increasing patrols to prevent illegal entry of fattening tablets.”

We have also employed civilians to work as sources, he confirmed.
Hakimpur thana officer in charge, Abdul Hakim Azad, told Bangla Tribune: “to forestall the trade of tablets, police are also carrying out drives, with regular checks.”