Discontentment within Gano Forum?

Salman Tareque Sakil
Published : 02:00, Feb 06, 2020 | Updated : 02:00, Feb 06, 2020

Kamal Hossain during a media brief on Oct 22. BANGLA TRIBUNEThere is report of discontentment within Gano Forum led by convener of the Jatiyo Oikko Front, Kamal Hossain.
A few loyal leaders of the party’s Executive President Subrata Chowdhury, gave temporary suspension letters to party General Secretary Reza Kibria and Joint Secretary Moshtaq Ahmed.
Speaking on the matter, Gano Forum’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Abdul Haris Chowdhury said, “On Apr 26, some politicians linked to autocrat HM Ershad were co-opted in the party and, therefore, letters were issued to Reza Kibria and Moshtaq Ahmed, asking why this was done in breach of party rules?”
However, Gano Forum’s Executive President Mohsin Rashid said, “We have come to know that those who were behind this do not have any organsiational right to issue such letters.”
Meanwhile, leader of a party section opposing Reza and Kibria said, “This is happening due to division within the party, some people who are against our independence and are pro Pakistan are behind this.”
Responding to a question as to whether the party will face division, Gano Forum leader Subrata Chowdhury added, “No there is no fear of factionalism but these differences need to be addressed.”
Another party source said that a meeting with Kamal Hossain will be held soon to resolve the issues and in that process, some members may be ousted.