20-party allies not with BNP in city polls

Aditto Rimon
Published : 00:04, Jan 21, 2020 | Updated : 00:08, Jan 21, 2020

Allies of the 20 party say that BNP gives more importance to Oikya Front. PHOTO/Sazzad HossainWhile the 20-party allies have given formal support to BNP mayoral candidates, they are not on the field with election campaigns.
At a meeting held on Dec 27, decision was taken to support BNP candidates. On that day, it was decided that after another meeting, campaign schedule will be fixed but BNP has not held that meeting as yet and therefore, leaders of allied parties are not taking part in their pre election hustings.
The leaders of allied parties allege that BNP did not discuss with allies before fixing a mayoral candidate.
On the other hand, BNP had meetings with Oikya Front. On this matter, allies of the 20 party say that BNP gives more importance to Oikya Front.
Ameer of Khelafat Majlish of the 20-party alliance, moulana Ishaq says: “The 20-party alliance has given support to BNP mayoral candidates but if they do not call us how will be join the campaign?”
Jamaat’s central committee member advocate Ehsanul Mahbub Jubayer, said: “Our secretary general gave a statement on the city election and we do not have any involvement outside this.”
Leaders of BNP’s allies have said that since BNP knows that victory would be impossible they are not spending too much for publicity.
Another leader said: “I attended the rallies of a BNP backed councilor candidate since I know him personally.”
Meanwhile, BNP standing committee member, Nazrul Islam Khan, said: “A meeting of the alliance will be held within 2-3 days and the future plans for campaigning will be finalized.”