BNP adopts non antagonistic policy to secure Khaleda’s bail

Aditto Rimon
Published : 11:30, Jun 24, 2019 | Updated : 11:33, Jun 24, 2019

Khaleda Zia at BSMMU. File photo.There is a palpable sense of relief among the leaders of BNP with consecutive bail of cases against party chairman Khaleda Zia. Though there is a feeling of consternation among them over the attitude of the government. As a result, BNP leaders are adopting a ‘go slow’ policy. In addition, instead of going for aggressive campaigns they are opting for anodyne programmes.

BNP senior leaders and Khaleda Zia’s counsel have said that once Khaleda Zia gets bail on the Zia Orphanage Trust case and the Zia Charitable Trust case, there won’t be any obstacle to her release.

The current strategy of the party is that BNP will not antagonize the ruling party until Khaleda Zia is released.

BNP standing committee member, Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, says: “the case against Khaleda Zia is political and bail has not happened due to the decision of the government; if one talks of legal process then she should have been given bail long time ago.”

The leader also said that in addition to the legal process, a four-week programme has been taken to secure release for Khaleda Zia.

Standing committee member of the party, Barrister Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar, is optimistic and adds: “hopefully, Khaleda Zia will get bail in the legal process and our lawyers are working to ensure that.”

BNP leaders have said that the party does not have the organisational capacity to stay on the field and so, it has to remain present through non-aggressive programmes.

During a press conference held on Saturday, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has talked of a four-week programme to demand the release of Khaleda Zia.

In all district towns of the country, democratic programmes will be held in this aim, he said.