Resentment in AL affiliates over of not holding council

Mahbub Hassan
Published : 00:40, May 31, 2019 | Updated : 00:41, May 31, 2019

FILE PHOTO/Mehedi HasanThough the main AL is seeing summits, its sister bodies have not seen such congregations for years. Their organizational activities are also stagnant. Some do not have councils, others do not have committees while some are mired in controversy.
Joint General Secretary Mahbub ul Alam Hanif says: “The organisational tour has already started and preparations for councils will be taken after Eid.”
If there are any discrepancies in the party then those will be identified and addressed, said Hanif.
In 2016 national council, 81-member central executive committee was formed and though 17 persons were supposed to be in the presidium, the party has passed two and a half years with 15 persons.
After the death of Syed Ashraful Islam, the presidium committee now has 14 members.
During the 2012 council, Dhaka metropolitan unit was separated into north and south and on 10 April, 2016, committees for two units were declared. Though the terms of these committees expired last April, neither the north nor the south units managed to announce full-fledged committees.
The last council of Jubo League was held in 2012. In September 2018, party chief Sheikh Hasina asked for the dissolution of south city committee but that was not implemented.
Sources say that councils do not happen due to the apathy of leading leaders. Several sources say that Jubo League President Omar Faruk Chowdhury controls the organisation and everything happens at his whim. This has both positive and negative sides — the positive is that internal conflicts can never become big but the negative side is no one cane given any opinion.
However, refuting the allegations Omar Faruk has said that decision is taken after consulting everyone.
The Shechashebak League has not had a council for 14 years. Its leaders are frustrated and the organisation is stalled.
Its President Mollah Abu Kaosar says: “once a council is held, the problems will disappear and we hope it will take place soon.”
Meanwhile, at Chhatra League, students deprived of posts are carrying out a movement and the party president Sheikh Hasina has already ordered for amendments in the new committee.
Its President Rezwanul Huq Shovon, says: “the complaints are being assessed and if they are proved then the accused will be expelled and eligible persons given posts.”
The last council of Krishak League was held on 19 July, 2012 and the organisation is in a moribund state. The tenure of the current committee expired four years ago.
After the last council, 111-member committee was declared though the senior leaders do not know if all the members are existing or not.
Reportedly, party senior leaders are surprised to see unknown people in the committee’s top posts.
For example, a directive by Sheikh Hasina selected Shamsul Alam as organsiation’s general secretary but reportedly he was not given the post.
Krishak League General Secretary Khondokar Shamsul Huq Reza refuted the allegation of disregarding the directive from Hasina and said: “all those recommended by the party president is in the committee.”
“We are ready for a council and when orders come, we will hold it as per rules”, he stated.