'BNP must leave company of evil'

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 15:50, Oct 05, 2018 | Updated : 16:02, Oct 05, 2018

Rally organised by Bangladesh Shadhinota ParishadAL’s publicity and publication secretary, Dr Hasan Mahmud, has called on BNP to leave the company of evil.
Do not try to create anarchy like 2013-14, discard vile practices and concentrate on participating in the national elections, exhorted Dr Mahmud.
The AL politician made the comments at a rally organised by Bangladesh Shadhinota Parishad on Friday afternoon.
He also said that BNP is hatching a conspiracy over the declaration of the verdict of grenade attack on Oct 10.
Calling on the AL activists to be alert and vigilant, he added “This grenade attack was done with the cognizance of Khaleda Zia and at the direction of Tarique Rahman.”
People of this country want death sentence for the perpetrators of the heinous grenade attack, stressed Mahmud.
He also claimed that through a unity drive, BNP wants to cut out Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman.
Underlining that the current AL government is more powerful and organized than 2013-14, he called on the BNP to refrain from all plans for creating disorder and vile manoeuvring.