Vengeance and greed triggering current day political violence

Jamal Uddin, Sheikh Jahangir Alam
Published : 07:43, Oct 01, 2018 | Updated : 14:17, Oct 02, 2018

Vendetta politics is resulting in violence, leading to deaths and injury. In the past, clashes usually took place between supporters of opposing parties; now, the feud is mainly intra party.

Factionalism is triggering vengeance.

Political analysts say there’s a dearth of values-based politics, which is seeing people of one party turning against each other.

On 31 July, Mymensingh Jubo League leader, Md Sajjad Alam, alias Sheikh Azad, was shot and hacked to death.

Media says his death was caused by internal feud and conflict over local turf authority. 

Sheikh Azad’s family lodged a case accusing Mohit ur Rahman, the son of the minister for religion.

In capital’s Badda, three persons were shot and killed this year over dispute relating to party post, dish antennae business and discarded garment trade, known as jhut.

The investigation of these killings have not ended as yet. According to Ain o Salish Kendra, from January till 31 August, 19 persons were killed and 380 injured. Of this, 14 were killed due to internal feud of Awami League.

Professor of the department of law of the University of Dhaka, Sheikh Hafizur Rahman, Curzon, told Bangla Tribune: “ideal based politics is eclipsed by activities aimed at forceful occupation of land, reckless extortion and relentless harassment.”

Human rights worker, Nur Khan Liton, told Bangla Tribune: “the violence driven politics is the manifestation of a savage political ideology, which does not accommodate the spirit of compromise.”

Another disquieting issue is the killing of people in the name of ‘gun-fights’.

Many claim that enforced disappearances are also rising, said the human rights activist.