UK citizens asked to leave Bangladesh

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 19:38, Mar 27, 2020 | Updated : 19:41, Mar 27, 2020

FILE PHOTO/REUTERSThe British government has advised its citizens to leave Bangladesh amid the surging number of coronavirus cases.
“Biman Bangladesh’s flights are still open to London and Manchester. Therefore, we are advising you to return back to UK,” the British High Commission in Dhaka said in its Facebook page on Friday (Mar 27).
Coronavirus (Covid-19) has panicked countries around the world, resulting in mass lockdowns and flights being cancelled.
Cases of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have continued to rise since last week.

According to, 60,841 new cases were reported on Thursday taking the total number of Covid-19 cases across the world to 532,328.
The number is 12,380 higher than that of the previous day (48,461) and 17,097 more than Tuesday (43,744) indicating a steep and worrying rise in the rate of new infections.
A week ago, on March 20, the number of new cases worldwide was 30,648 and a week before that on March 13 it was 10,907.
Till now, the number of active cases stands at 383,883.