Sheikh Hasina's speech against fight with Corona

Swadesh Roy
Published : 17:49, Mar 26, 2020 | Updated : 17:51, Mar 26, 2020

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives a speech to the nation broadcast by Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 PIDAs the head of the government, the prime minister of the country always addresses the nation following the Independence Day. But this time people were much more curious about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s speech, for when she was addressing, the country was under lockdown.
Everyone's attention was towards the initiative of the government to fight the Coronavirus and what the prime minister would say regarding this than the celebration of the Independence Day.
The Prime Minister gave the direction about this throughout most of her speech. As the head of the government and a senior citizen, or as a guardian, she asked at first, what is the responsibility of everyone in the family at this time? Corona is much more dangerous to older people. Referring to that, she said in her speech, “Pay close attention to the most sensitive person in your family. Try to keep him healthy. Take the whole initiative to keep him free from the virus. ” At the same time, all need to keep themselves strong mentally. She emphasized in her speech, "Do not panic, Panic disrupts people's rational thinking. Always be careful so that you, your family members, and your neighbours do not get infected.”
In reality, panic makes people weak in mentally, even physically. It's basically like dying before you die. This death should not come to the nation. Rather, it is urgent at this time to be careful by keeping our mind stable, the prime minister said more like this in her speech, "Your awareness will protect you, your family and above all the people of the country."
The countrymen will hopefully listen to her and won’t be panicked being careful. And it is not just she; today the head of the governments of all the Covid-19 affected countries is basically saying the same.
Sheikh Hasina has said it in simple words which have made it easier to communicate the mass. The head of the government did not lose courage; rather, she encouraged everyone as the prime minister.
She said, “Throughout the ages, many crisis come in national life. People got saved from those disasters because of the collective power of the people. In the past, people have prevented epidemics like plague, smallpox, and cholera. But during those epidemics, the world was not as closely connected as it is now. Such a large number of people did not travel from one country to another or from one place to another. This is why coronavirus has spread throughout the world so fast. However, there has been a remarkable improvement in science and technology. With the concerted efforts of all, the world will surely get rid of the disaster.”

In reality, the Corona is much more penetrating and frightening than the plague, smallpox or cholera. Even then, the prime minister's hope is not wrong; the world is far more advanced in science than in the time of the plague, smallpox or cholera. And the discovery of preventive medicine and treatment of Corona will be possible much earlier than it took in case of the past epidemics and medical discoveries.
One more thing to note here is that the prime minister is hundred percent confident in science. As a nation, this reality has come to us through this Corona, and anyway, we must trust in science, not in any other dogmatism.
On the other hand, not just the traders of our country, some traders of all countries are seen trying to make more profit by increasing the prices of the goods in the time of national disaster. The prime minister cautioned not to do such things in her speech, saying, "We must be tolerant and sensitive during this crisis. Don't try to take any kind of opportunity. There is no shortage of products in the market. ”
As the prime minister reminded the nation, there is a need at this time to keep keen eyes from the administration. The countrymen hope that after the prime minister's address, the administration will truly look after it.
Besides, citizens will not madly fall into the market. The prime minister has said, “Now is the time for us to become economical. Without necessary, do not buy any additional consumer goods. Do not stock rather give the low-income people a chance to buy.”
In addition, at this time everyone should take care of the low-income people of the country. In her speech, the Prime Minister described the government's move for the people of low income, “Many people have lost jobs due to Coronavirus. We have to stand beside them. Assistance will be provided to the lower-income people in their respective villages under the 'return home' program. Free housing, six months food and cash payments will be provided to the homeless and landless. The district administration has been instructed in this regard.”
In fact, if you look at the social forums or everything around, people are more concerned about those who lost their jobs as a result of this lockdown.
The prime minister's speech revealed that they had prepared arrangements for them for six months. But this is for the villages. There are also thousands of people in the slums of the city. They have to think about them too.
On the other hand, it is the duty of the rich to help the downtrodden in such a disaster. Over the past few days, in various social forums, the young people have been appearing and mentioning the names of many industrialists of the country and saying, where are they in this disaster?

In the prime minister's speech, the claim of the youth came up too, she said, "I urge the rich to come forward with the help to low-income people." After all, it can only be said that all the wealth of the rich is built up with the hard labour of the poor. Therefore, it is time for them to take responsibility for the poor people of the country.

In her speech, the prime minister has announced a promotion for these export-oriented industries, so that our export-oriented industries, especially their workers, will not lose their jobs at this time, “I am announcing BDT five hundred billion incentive package for export-oriented industries. The money of this fund can be paid only to the workers and employees.”

The prime minister has done her duty towards the workers as the head of the government, but the owner party should not end their duties here, for still we do not know where the situation of the next world economy will stand when this Corona outbreak will be finished. However, it can be said that the wound will be too late to dry.

At this time, the owners should also perform their duties towards the workers. They should also spend more from there ends. No doubt, people respect their capital as well as their talent. Despite that, it is also true that, the sweat of the workers brought them here today.

After all, in this corona pandemic time, everyone needs to stay at their homes. The prime minister ended her speech, saying "Again: obey the hygiene. Everyone stay in your homes." In reality, it's time to stay home. Let us not make mistakes.