Early preparation for Dengue welcome

Jakia Ahmed
Published : 23:59, Feb 23, 2020 | Updated : 12:11, Feb 24, 2020

Female Aedes aegypti mosquito, a carrier of dengue and chikungunya. REUTERS/FILE PHOTOThe main threat across the world now is Coronavirus though not a single person has been infected in Bangladesh as yet; but the Dengue season may begin amidst the Coronavirus fear. In 2019, a record 101,354 persons were admitted to the hospital with Dengue and Dengue patients are being seen in the hospitals now.
That’s why relevant quarters are talking of killing mosquitoes from now. Emergency Operation Centre of the Health Department has said that from Jan 1 till Feb 21, 236 persons have been diagnosed with Dengue. Of them, 235 have left the hospital while there is only one person in treatment now.
Dean of medicine for BSMMU, Prof ABM Abdullah said, “Weather is changing and with the start of rainfall, mosquitoes will increase.”
Former researcher of IEDCR, Atiq Hassan stated, “Dengue may increase this year because this will rise geometrically.”
To keep the Dengue under control, the government needs to work from now; if mosquito eradication is given enough focus then the situation may not be critical as last year, he added.
Director of IEDCR, Sabrina Flora, added, “Last year, Dengue spread to the rural areas and therefore, this time, eradication programmes need to be carried out in the villages.”
It’s encouraging that the city corporation began mosquito eradication from January.
Health Minister Zahid Maleque observed, “I hope the city corporations will take adequate measures to control mosquitoes; if they take necessary steps from now then we will be able to get relief from Dengue.”